About the brand:

Kimisha is a bespoke furniture company specializing in creating bespoke furniture & home decor items that exude grace & style.

Understanding the Assignment:

Kimisha wanted to capture pictures, product videos & commercial videos for their ecommerce & digital platforms. With a deep appreciation for Kimisha’s commitment to quality & timeless design, we set out to capture the essence of their brand in every frame.

Planning the Photoshoot:

We meticulously planned every aspect of the shoot, in our very own Spectadors Studios. Our goal was to capture visuals that not only showcased the products but also evoked emotion & desire, immersing viewers in the world of Kimisha’s refined luxury furniture.

Exceeding Expectations:

Our collaborative efforts resulted in a shoot that surpassed their expectations. From vibrant photos to captivating product videos & compelling commercial content, we delivered an outcome that left a lasting impression & effectively highlighted the essence of their brand.

Huge Success & Impact:

The final deliverables – including good quality photos, product videos & commercial videos – met the high standards set by the brand. Viewers were hooked to the visuals & the response surpassed all platforms, driving significant impact on Kimisha’s brand presence & solidifying its position as a leader in refined luxury furniture.

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